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20mm x 9m WLL 10T Kinetic Snatch Strap

RM 416.00


  • Probably the most technically advanced recovery tool in the off-road world. Rated for all Jeeps and mid-size trucks.
  • Working load limit 22,000 lb. (10,000kg) ultimate strength. 20mm x 9m long (Length is determined before rope is under load).
  • Abrasion-resistant elastic polymer coating. And hi-visibility red loops on each end.
  • Made from double-braid nylon. Professional Lock-stitched splicing. High Strength & High stretch.

How to use:
1. Connect snatch rope to each vehicle through recovery points only
2. Make sure distance between both vehicles is below 7m
3. Make sure everyone is at least 10-20m away from recovery zone
4. Drive recovery vehicle away from stuck vehicle with some momentum
5. If vehicle is still stuck, reverse recovery vehicle about 1m and repeat the process
6. Stop recovery vehicle once other vehicle is unstuck

- This snatch rope is not certified for lifting.
- It is important to correctly attach the recovery rope to a vehicle recovery point. Attaching it to a standard tow ball or the vehicle bumper may result in the component being ripped off and causing serious injuries
- It is recommended that the breaking strength of the rope exceeds 2 or 3 times the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of the heavier vehicle during the recovery