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Dobinsons Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Absorber

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RM 1,487.00
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RM 1,487.00
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- Nitrogen Gas Charged, low-pressure gas, reducing oil aeration (shock fade)

- Superior Design, thicker walls, longer travel

- Japanese NOK Multi-Lip seals, Fuchs German shock absorber oil, Natural Rubber Bushings for reduced noise vibration and flexibility

- Teflon Piston Rings, double Chrome hardened rods, metal shock boot to protect the rod from damage

- Matched to compliment Dobinsons Complete Suspension Systems 

- Sold in pairs

Front GS59-683 (for 0-3″ of Lift) Specs: 628mm extended, 370mm compressed

Rear GS59-682 (for 0-3″ of Lift) Specs :  630mm extended, 382mm compressed

Front GS45-912 (for 4″ of Lift) Specs: 670mm extended, 390mm compressed

Rear GS59-687 (for 4″ of Lift) Specs:  680mm extended, 407mm compressed

Front MRA45-A912 (for 4″ of Lift) 

Rear MRA59-A687 (for 4″ of Lift)

Front GS59-684 (for 6" of Lift) Specs: 728mm extended, 420mm compressed

Rear GS59-685 (for 6" of Lift) Specs: 730mm extended, 432mm compressed

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