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2000W / 2500W / 3000W Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave DC TO AC 12V

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This inverter offers continuous power of 2000 to 2500 watts 12V. It efficiently converts this DC power into 220 volts AC pure sine wave power, allowing you to run your appliances and electronics smoothly.

Inverter used to welding video:

How to use:
Equipped with a wireless remote controller, operating the inverter is as simple as pressing a button. To turn on the inverter, press the "ON" button for one second. For a quick and hassle-free shutdown, press the "OFF" button for three seconds. The wireless remote controller has a range of approximately 10 meters, providing convenience and flexibility in controlling your inverter from a distance.

Note: When using the wireless remote controller for the first time, please ensure successful pairing between the inverter and the remote controller by pressing the "ON" button for three seconds. This process will establish a connection and enable seamless operation going forward.
Choose our inverter for its exceptional performance, efficient power conversion, and user-friendly wireless remote control functionality. Experience the convenience of converting DC power to pure sine wave AC power with ease, enhancing your daily power needs. 

- Max Power 2000W / 2500W / 3000W 
- Input Voltage: 12V DC
- Output Voltage: 220V AC
- Frequency: 50Hz
- Output waveform: Pure Sine Inverter
- LCD Display
- Size: 459*135*222mm (2000W) / 360*173*76mm (2500W) / 400*238*88mm (3000W)



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