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Air Pressure Switch 12V BSP 1/4, 100PSI 120PSI 150PSI

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Ensure optimal performance and safety for your air compressor with our versatile 1/4" BSP Pressure Switch. This reliable and efficient pressure switch is designed to automatically control your compressor, turning it off when it reaches the maximum pressure and back on when the pressure drops to the minimum, making it a vital component for any air system.

Key Features:

  • Thread Size: 1/4" BSP (British Standard Pipe)
  • Three Preset Sizes Available:

  1. Turn compressor ON at 70 PSI or less, shut compressor OFF at 100 PSI

  2. Turn compressor ON at 90 PSI or less, shut compressor OFF at 120 PSI

  3. Turn compressor ON at 120 PSI or less, shut compressor OFF at 150 PSI

  • Suitable for most common air fitting sizes

The 1/4" BSP thread size is compatible with a wide range of air tools and accessories, ensuring seamless integration into your existing air system.