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Brake Booster (for Lock Brake)

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You will require 1 booster for each side of wheel. 

  • to archive 1 side brake locking with air pressure on rear wheel for better turning radius.
  • We modify the stock brake booster in order to withstand high pressure brake fluid to pass through directly when we operate our brake in daily basis. 
  • The modified brake booster allow you to not needed install secondary brake caliper to do the 1 side brake locking job. 
    • Reduce the maintenance of extra brake pad
    • Reduce the maintenance of extra brake fluid
    • Reduce the weight for extra caliper
    • Reduce the installation fuss

Following video is the testing we have done during our assembly, first booster act as a pedal press brake to proof test second booster that can withstand high pressure brake fluid go through.

Video below shows how the lock brake help you in turning a corner by drifting in mud on competition. 

Attention: Lock brake cannot be work together with differential locker, it will damage your differential gear. Please install with fail safe switch (By turning on the lock brake should have turn the differential lock off), consult the mechanic before installing this part.