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4x4 Sand / Mud Ladder

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Off-road vehicle owners have used the old metal ‘sand ladders’ for many years but it is only recently that modern material and manufacturing methods have enabled us to produce stronger, lighter, more versatile and better value products.

Our sand ladder use the latest high strength, low weight HDPE to provide a reliable traction to escape from lots of off-road situations. On soft, boggy or sandy ground, the ladder is excellent to provide an effective base for the vehicle tyres. The ladder spreads the load of the tyre to a much wider area. Large cleats on the ladder grip into the tyre tread and the terrain under your vehicle to prevent it from slipping back into sand, mud, or snow.

The sand ladder are manufactured from HDPE. They will never rot, corrode or rust and there is no need for painting or maintenance, just hose them down. Although the sand ladder will deform under heavy load (up to the rated capacity) but will return to their original shape once the load has been removed.

Material: HDPE

Product Dimensions:
1150mm (45") L x 330mm (13") W x 85mm (3.5") H (Per set of 2 Stacked)

6.8kg (Pair)

Product Colour:
Black / Red / Blue