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Toyota Land Cruiser KZJ71W KZJ78W 1KZ Engine Silicone Hose Set

RM 198.00

Silicone hose bring lot's of benefit compare to rubber hose. Considering there's a lot of Toyota Land Cruiser KZJ71W KZJ78W that still running on 1KZ engine in Malaysia, we decided to come out a complete replacement silicone hose set for our customer to replace their hoses for the car.

Hoses that include in full set:

Hoses for
Number of hose
Engine Heater 3
Radiator Coolant2
Brake Vacuum4
Engine Cover1
Four Wheel Transmission Control2
Diesel Fuel Pump & Filter4
Power Steering3
Auto Transmission Cooler2
Air ControlProvide 1 long for 18 different air controls hose

P/S: Hoses that highlighted in red is our newly updated extra houses for hydraulic / auto / fuel fluid and our silicone hose has included coated to cater the situation.

Silicone hose are known for the benefits below:

Operating Temperature Range

Silicone hoses are capable of carrying fluids at much higher temperatures than rubber. 

Flexibility and resilience

Silicone hoses have superior flexibility to rubber ones, and they maintain this flexibility over their lifespan, while rubber does not. This reduces the risk that your hoses will split, explode, harden, or become dry rotted over time.


Silicone hoses last practically forever and might possibly outlast your car. 

Weather resistance

One of the advantages of silicone tubing over rubber is that it is virtually unaffected by environmental factors such rain, snow, heat, humidity, drought, UV rays, and ozone. Rubber deteriorates faster in these conditions. This makes silicone a great choice for vehicles that will be driven in harsh environments.

Noise and vibration control

While rubber can be a source of noise due to the friction between the rubber and the mating surface, silicone has a good ability to dampen sounds and vibrations, keeping a quiet and stable profile. Incidentally, this is also a good argument for silicone hoses over aluminum ones, as the aluminum is a rigid material that must be coupled to a vibrating surface, requiring the use of a cushioning substance in the joints, and creating four sites that must be clamped rather than just two, effectively doubling your potential leak sites.

Inert material

Silicone is an extremely inert material that resists chemical reactions with other substances. Therefore, it won’t corrode or adhere itself to surrounding parts like the thermostat or the crossover pipe the way rubber can. It’s unlikely to bond to stems, so when you take off a hose, it’s just as easy to take off as it was to put on. This makes silicone a reliable choice for vehicle applications.

Bling factor

We think yellow or blue silicone looks amazing. Opening up the hood and seeing those colors that pop just evokes a little extra happiness.