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Volvo c303 c304 Improved Differential Carrier

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Volvo c303 c304 c306 Improved Differential Carrier. Said vehicle differential carrier design is outdated, our new improved differential carrier come with 4 side gear (corner gear) and the most updated angle within the spider gear is stronger and more logical design than OEM gear..

Our Volvo c303 c304 c306 Differential Carrier Highlight

  • 4 side gear design
  • Spider gear angle redesign to withstand higher force
  • Side gear & Spider gear large lubricant hole ready on carrier body
  • Side gear & Spider gear easy access by Lubricant on carrier body

Volvo Differential.jpg

NEW MODEL come with ability of add-on LOCKER

  • with integrated locker, the original locker on shaft can be remove
  • removal of locker from shaft can increase the durability of the half shaft, let the differential carrier spider gear handle the stress from the differential locker job.

Locker design